Strategy #10

Design for mobile devices first.

Residents increasingly use mobile devices as their primary tool to access key services. To reach the greatest number of residents, the City should prioritize mobile online services and SMS communications.

Here’s how to Design for mobile

Optimize new digital tools for mobile devices.

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Reevaluate and reduce requirements for printing applications and other forms. Increase capacity to accept digital submissions.

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Identify opportunities to replace signature requirements with electronic signatures.

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Inventory current non-digital licensing, permitting, applications, and enrollment forms. Work with the Office of Digital Strategy to identify opportunities to create digital versions of those forms.

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Implement and enforce a mobile strategy. Include standards for making services accessible on mobile devices.

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Create an Application Support Team to help agencies build, deploy, test, and maintain their applications.

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Develop a cross-agency working group for mobile application, design, and research to share best practices and updates on ongoing projects.

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