Our Principles

The NYC Digital Playbook is anchored in a set of principles that describe our broad commitment to creating a more equitable city.

Welcome All New Yorkers

We serve and empower residents from diverse language, ability, geographic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Make Government Simple

We proactively identify the most urgent and persistent needs of New Yorkers, then we design engaging, easy-to-navigate services that meet residents’ preferences and requirements.

Listen and Respond

We develop accurate, responsive services by engaging collaboratively with New Yorkers, seeking their insights, and responding to people when they interact with us.

Reach People Where They Are

We deliver services and information through channels that New Yorkers already use, and we build on existing resources in New York’s diverse communities.

Protect New Yorkers' Trust

We deliver services that are reliable and accountable; we keep New Yorkers’ personal data secure; and we’re transparent about how we use the information we collect.

Build Collaboration

We help others better serve New Yorkers. We develop and share data and platforms to improve all the services City residents use.