Strategy #9

Create technical, data, and design standards for services.

City services should be recognizable across all agencies, channels, and platforms, and City data should be reliable everywhere. Clear standards for digital design elements, technical options, and data sharing and collection will help agencies create and implement consistent and recognizable services for New Yorkers.

Here’s how to Create Standards

Adhere to citywide technical, data, design, and social media standards, and check back frequently to ensure compliance with updated guidelines.

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Work with the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics to ensure that your data appears on the NYC Open Data portal. Monitor the data dictionaries and descriptions relevant to your work to ensure usability. Be aware of what data your users want and respond accordingly.

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Use internal data sharing and matching tools to breakdown service delivery silos. Use the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics and the Mayor’s Office of Operations Data Team for citywide data integration expertise.

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Require that the Office of Digital Strategy approve the service delivery and design strategy for any new resident-facing City website or digital tool to ensure that it meets Office of Digital Strategy standards.

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Develop an enhanced content platform for NYC311 and for key City information and services, including benefits and programs.

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Hire a Citywide Design Director, reporting to the Chief Digital Officer, to develop and enforce citywide digital design standards.

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Develop technical standards for the City’s technology workforce to follow when building digital tools.

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Review and improve on existing social media standards; describe the features of various social media platforms and their most effective use.

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Include Digital Playbook customer service indicators in the Mayor’s Management Report.

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