Strategy #5

Structure services around New Yorkers’ needs rather than by agency needs.

City government is enormous and complex—there are more than 340 unique websites. However, residents think about services based on their interests and preferences, not by government departments or initiatives. When multiple agencies share a service or responsibility, they can create seamless services that feel simple and intuitive by planning together and assigning one project lead.

Here’s how to Organize Around Needs

Review existing web content and reorganize key services using simple names that express needs to audiences, including housing, food, and children.

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For cross-agency services, work together to identify the most important information and ensure you present it in a user-centric way.

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Develop a vision for the future of that represents New Yorkers’ needs and identities, not the City’s organizational chart.

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Build an alpha version of a search-first and action-driven Prototype a single access point for some of the top search terms on the existing “Find a job,” “Apply for IDNYC,” and “Pay a Parking Ticket.”

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Rank City services in terms of resident use and interest. Prioritize the development of digital services based on what residents care about most.

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Improve and simplify options for New York residents and businesses to pay their bills online.

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Ensure that every digital service has one service owner with bottom line and cross-agency responsibility to support testing, service and technology evolution, and digital information about that service.

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Maintain a list of all City digital properties and conduct an annual audit of social media, web content, and mobile applications. Decommission redundant properties or outdated channels. Publish results on Playbook website.

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