Strategy #6

Build the capacity of City staff to deliver best-in-class services.

When we empower City staff with the necessary tools, resources, training, and authority, they design and implement excellent, innovative services for New Yorkers.

Here’s how to Build City Capacity

Emphasize customer service and create rewards for excellent customer service within City government.

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Invest in talent acquisition, including hiring user experience designers, user experience researchers, web masters, product managers, visual designers, developers, search engine optimization specialists, and data scientists.

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Set up a regular schedule for digital “house cleaning” to remove old or poorly designed services and content. Notify the Office of Digital Strategy when you have a site or an application to decommission.

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Join and encourage your colleagues to join existing inter-agency groups to stay up-to-date on the latest projects and best practices for social media, web content, design, and mobile applications.

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Prioritize an overhaul and redesign of the application process for City jobs to improve the overall experience and give job seekers the ability to share and save postings. Encourage and standardize operations for posting City positions on external job listing sites.

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Create a “digital orientation” for new agency heads and key City leaders to ensure that decision makers are aware of the Digital Playbook and its evolving guidelines.

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Ensure that every agency has a “Playbook Lead” with decision-making power.

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Create digital performance metrics and share with every City agency. Collect and report key digital health and performance metrics on the Digital Playbook website.

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