Strategy #12

Make accountability and transparency fundamental to all service interactions.

Residents are more willing to turn to the City and share their needs and information when they understand how their personal information will be used and what they stand to gain.

Here’s how to Be Accountable & Transparent

Only ask residents for information required to move an application or process forward; don’t ask for unnecessary information.

Endorse 19

Allow residents to access as much information and as many services as possible while allowing them to remain anonymous.

Endorse 14

Map the experience of a New Yorker trying to access information you provide or use a service you oversee. Use this “user journey” to establish clear milestones for this City transaction and process. View these milestones as important moments to communicate status updates and an estimated timeline to residents.

Endorse 12

Design and enforce standards for the protection of sensitive and personal data in accordance with relevant laws, rules, and regulations, including Executive Order 34 (2003) and Executive Order 41 (2003).

Endorse 10

Ensure that the City remains best-in-class by following market trends and best practices on privacy of users.

Endorse 10

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