Strategy #3

Use anonymous and aggregated search data consistent with applicable laws

Here’s how to Use anonymous and aggregated search data consistent with applicable laws

When a resident engages with the City, answer their request or connect them to someone who can.

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Maximize opportunities to connect relevant City services (like free tax preparation, or reduced-cost prescription drugs) to the IDNYC program.

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Allow residents to opt-in to pre-populated forms with basic information, where appropriate and practical.

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Make it easy for residents to discover and register for all City-sponsored public events.

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Work towards a goal of establishing a single user ID system for all government services, giving users the option to enter key information only once.

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Conduct user research with IDNYC cardholders to develop a digital identity roadmap for the IDNYC program.

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Prototype tools that enable residents to view and manage their complete relationship with the City in one place, like a single sign-on portal. Use projects like the Small Business First Portal and NYC311 architecture to test and refine this model for other potential uses.

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Enable New Yorkers to receive timely updates and information tailored to their preferences by training all agencies to use a single, citywide platform to distribute information about key services.

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