Strategy #1


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Translate the most heavily trafficked web pages into the languages most commonly used by the populations you serve with the most accurate translation technique: human translation.

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Enable machine translation tools, even if they are less than 100% accurate, on existing websites. Machine translation tools must be installed before new sites go live.

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Use human translation to pre-write emergency messaging in the languages most commonly used by the population your agency serves. In an emergency, immediately deploy automated machine translation tools, then update with more accurate human translation as necessary.

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Design translation solutions to be flexible and responsive to evolving needs and technologies. Plan, so that in the future, new and better tools can replace any tool you choose today.

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Make it easy to navigate between languages on City websites.

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Promote third-party visual translation tools on signs and other physical objects.

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Ensure that you understand and adhere to accessibility guidelines and strive to implement best practices.

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Regularly review translation tools and aim to use technologies that are best-in-class. Prioritize open standards where possible, to ensure interoperability and prevent dependency on a single vendor.

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Create an Interpretation Translation Unit to develop digital translation guidelines, provide support for human translation, and ensure compliance with Executive Order 120 (2008) and Local Law 73 (2003) regarding language requirements.

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Hire a Director of Digital Accessibility to oversee compliance with Local Law 26 (2016) to establish and enforce digital accessibility standards, and ensure best-in-class solutions.

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Create a pool of users that agencies may call on to test and improve accessibility standards.

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Create and train City content creators in accessibility guidelines, best practices, and tools for accessibility review.

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Expand the Notify NYC SMS (text messaging) service to provide human translated messages in six priority languages.

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