Strategy #2

Communicate simply and clearly in all languages used.

Residents have an easier time understanding what the City offers and what services are relevant to them if all digital and non-digital services use simple and plain language.

Here’s how to Communicate Simply

Review reading level of service-oriented prose, including content in languages other than English. Include results in the Mayor’s Management Report.

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Test key service language with residents to ensure that it is clear and understandable.

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Use audio, video, or graphics to describe services; do not rely exclusively on text. (City staff, check out this digital library of photos for your use.)

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Ensure that all prose is machine-readable and machine-translatable, including documents in PDF format.

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Assemble a task force of agency staff to conduct plain language workshops for their colleagues.

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Establish a citywide photo-sharing resource to incorporate imagery into digital services.

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Develop and expand citywide iconography and usage guidelines.

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